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8th International Conference on Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources

Today’s power sector worldwide has been observing dramatic changes. The main reasons behind these changes are the growing shares of renewable and distributed energy resources (DER) and their advanced functionalities, the introduction of advanced communication technologies, rising volumes of data and the evolution of electricity markets. Within the 8th International Conference on the Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources – IRED 2018, the future of distributed energy resources and their participation in the power system management and operation will be discussed in the historic ambience of the city of Vienna. 

IRED is a global conference gathering experts from industry, government and academia to share information on state-of-the-art technologies, research and know-how and engage in lively discussions related to the integration of renewable and distributed energy resources into the power systems. The conference will focus on the technical, market, and regulatory issues that challenge the integration of these resources into the grid. The goals of this conference are to:

  • Share status and latest results of research projects 
  • Better understand and communicate the visions from various stakeholders and players 
  • Learn from individual national programs and policies 
  • Discuss main issues and barriers and identify other needed research and potential solutions 
  • Stimulate international, national, and regional project and program coordination 

The conference will include several opportunities for in depth discussion within pre-conference sessions, post-conference breakouts, a poster session, and evening events.

Quick Facts

Date: October 17
Location: Vienna, Austria
Type of Event: Conference