Development and Calculation of Performance-Based Resilience Metrics for Defense Critical Infrastructure

Project Description

To adequately reflect national security priorities, planners and operators must have resilience metrics that reflect consequence of power outages to Defense Critical Infrastructure (DCI) during threat scenarios. This project is developing models that will calculate time-varying performance of DCI during long-duration bulk power system outages. We are vetting the resilience metrics and the models with DoD and industry stakeholders.

Value Proposition

  • Defense Critical Infrastructure (DCI) is integral to national security, especially during major catastrophes, both natural and man-made
  • This project develops, calculates, and vets performance-based resilience metrics that can be internalized within planning or operational models, such as NAERM
  • The project develops tools to populate/calculate these metrics at appropriate levels of granularity, and demonstrates how these tools enhance decision-making capability

Project Objectives

  • Develop resilience metrics relevant to defense critical infrastructure (DCI) owners/operators
  • Develop and test a dynamic model that populates DCI resilience metrics subject to large-extent, long duration power outage scenarios on the bulk power system
  • Vet the metrics and model with multi-stakeholder group composed of system planners, mission owners, and DCI operators
Project Status: