DER Siting and Optimization Tool for California

This project will deliver to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), California Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) and other relevant stakeholders, an integrated distributed resource planning and optimization platform, hosted online, able to identify meaningful behind-the-meter Distributed Energy Resources (DER) adoption patterns, potential microgrid sites and demand-side resources, and evaluate the impacts of high renewable penetration feeders on the distribution and transmission grid.

This project directly links to the Grid Modernization Multi-Year Plan Activity Area of Design and Planning Tools and addresses all three Major Technical Achievements identified by DOE by delivering a software solution to support statewide goals in California to integrate 15 GW of distributed energy resources, including 12 GW of renewable energy on distribution systems. It will allow complementing the existing Distribution Resources Plans (DRP) developed by utilities in California by addressing key issues relevant to Integrating Demand-Side Resources (IDSR). This includes locational aspects, DER operational strategies, thermal benefits of DER and microgrids, and how the collective action of costumers can contribute to optimize demand-side resources, making IDSR more comprehensive than the existing Distribution Resources Plans.

While the focus of this project and the results obtained target the state of California, the methodology developed will be generic to enable replication in other regions and potentially expanded for nationwide implementation.

Project Status: