HELICS+: From a Facilitator to a Hub

Project Description

Increasing interdependency among critical infrastructures calls for comprehensive analysis and assessment. HELICS has been used for this purpose by many projects in GMLC and industry. But there are important technical gaps in scalable integration with diverse infrastructures and usability for co-simulation complexity. HELICS+ will address these gaps.

Value Proposition

  • HELICS+ enables critical studies (such as fuel security and disaster assessment) and new applications (such as critical equipment staging and DERs for blackstart) across infrastructures and systems for bulk power system resilience.
  • Innovations will expand HELICS (facilitator) to HELICS+ (hub) to support diverse multi-timescale infrastructures and rapid implementation of co-simulation.
  • HELICS+ advances GMLC objectives by providing foundational co-simulation capabilities for grid resilience assessment across infrastructures and energy-related systems.

Project Objectives

  • HELICS+ will advance the state-of-art to a co-simulation hub with new core functionalities to support multi-domain simulation of the grid with other critical infrastructures such as communications, natural gas, transportation, water, DERs, and weather.
  • HELICS+ will improve usability for rapid implementation and execution of complex co-simulation and easy adoption for co-simulation applications. 
  • Demonstrate HELICS+ new hub functionality through multi-infrastructure use cases and demonstrations.


Project Status: