Multi-Scale Integration of Control Systems (EMS/DMS/BMS)

The current approach to electric power system operations and controls was developed during the last three to four decades using a piecemeal approach, within narrow functional silos, and well before the development of modern computational capabilities. The rapid growth of renewable power generation, the increased use of electric vehicles, and the growing need to integrate customers with the power system are rendering the current generation of grid operating systems obsolete.

This project creates an integrated grid management framework akin to having an autopilot system for the grid's interconnected components — from central and distributed energy resources at bulk power systems and distribution systems, to local control systems for energy networks, including building management systems.  The team is:

  • Developing an open framework to coordinate Energy Management System (EMS), Distribution Management System (DMS), and Building Management System operations.
  • Demonstrating this open framework on a use case at national laboratory facilities, using a test system with more than 15,000 transmission substations and a high penetration of distributed energy resources or microgrids (more than 50 percent).
  • Deploying and demonstrating new operations applications — probabilistic risk-based operations, forecasted data integration and decision support, and heterogeneous sensor data integration — that transform or extend existing EMS and DMS applications.
Project Status: