Federated Architecture for Secure and Transactive Distributed Energy Resource Management Solutions (FAST-DERMS)

Project Description

Design and develop an architecture, FAST-DERMS, that can aggregate and manage a broad range of DERs (PV, storage, EV, flexible loads, CHP, and other distributed generators) across the grid for bulk system services

Value Proposition

  • Enables scalable aggregation and near real-time management of utility-scale and small-scale DERs
  • Integrates seamlessly with any centralized DMS/ADMS, EMS, and MGMS and/or distributed stochastic control mechanisms.
  • Supports reliable, resilient, and secure distribution and transmission grid services.
  • Maximizes the benefit of behind-the-meter assets to provide bulk grid services
  • From TSO perspective, the distribution system operates just like traditional generation providing seamless market integration

Project Objectives

  • Develop stochastic control-based scheduling solutions of DERs to provide bulk power system services
  • Develop a communication architecture that incorporates open standards for all levels of communications.
  • Develop accurate DER models, scheduling, and control techniques to optimally participate in grid services
  • Develop methods to detect anomalies and characterize adaptive control of inverter-based DERs to support bulk system stability.
  • Develop an architecture for using transactive controls and market-based coordination of BTM DERs
  • Implement and evaluate FAST-DERMS through the GridAPPS-D and ADMS testbed respectively
Project Status: