Validation, Restoration and Black Start Testing of Sensing, Controls and DER Technologies at Plum Island

Project Description

Plum Island project will transform black start with DER and Storage, from foundational research-based demonstrations, to a viable method for restarting and restoring the bulk power system after critical outages—dramatically increasing the toolbox for operators in the face of both physical and cyber incidents. The project will leverage millions of dollars of investment by DARPA (Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation, and Characterization Systems – RADICS Program) at Plum Island, to replicate and exercise black start capabilities of storage and grid forming resources.

Value Proposition

  • A large-scale black out, with restoration hampered by uncertainties, cyber attacks, communication breakdown would disrupt the nation’s security
  • Industry has well established procedures for black start and restoration, however to properly integrate new technologies i.e. storage and modular generation, we need test and validation in operational conditions
  • Project will validate and test a suite of GMLC developed technologies, including to aid in a black start,  addressing the endurance of the grid to sustained cyber and physical attack and restoration, improving technology transition to practice

Project Objectives

  • Demonstrate in-situ at Plum Island, through a series of exercises and simulations (DARPA Test Range), coordinated collaborative approaches for DER utilization including, replicating real world utility scenarios
  • Iterative simulation and field testing will be used to validate and a wide range of control operations, for normal to abnormal
  • Project will publish a new concept of operations and handbook  for storage integrated cyber and physical black start
  • Validate technologies for black start and networked microgrids, in degraded conditions
Project Status: