Multi-Port Modular Medium-Voltage (M3) Transactive Power Electronics Energy Hub

Project Description

Design and develop and demonstrate direct grid connect Medium Voltage (up to 13.8 kV) Multiport power electronics “energy hub.”

Value Proposition

  • This project will continue to develop the advance smart power electronics hardware and software interfaces for grid applications, building on the previous approximately $8 million investment in GMLC projects 0204, 0074, 0138.
  • The new three phase agent based software and grid-tied inverter hardware demonstrated will provide new smart grid devices that can be used as a transactive node.
  • This project will enable higher penetration of DER power electronics converters into 13.8 kV grid level and provide new applications for high voltage WBG devices.
  • This project will provide the design guidelines and specifications for medium voltage grid-tied power converters and new standards.
  • The high voltage device data models developed for medium voltage can be used for other power electronics designers.

Project Objectives

  • Provide multiple transactive nodes with multiple energy sources and loads integrated to support bulk power system resiliency and grid stabilizing controls.
  • Develop direct grid connect hardware with WBG devices
  • Develop energy optimization algorithms and provide real-time control to enable energy efficiency improvements.
  • Reduce costs through interoperable and 'plug&play' hardware interfaces and agent-based software.
Project Status: