GridSweeper: Frequency Response of Bulk Low-Inertia Grids

Project Description

GridSweeper will create a new class of measuring instrument that reveals subtle dynamics of bulk grids. These oscillation dynamics threaten grid stability, but have been impossible to observe – until something goes wrong. Probes inject a tiny signal and analyzes the response withultra-high precision, applying novel devices and techniques.

Value Proposition

  • GridSweeper will provide accessible and informative live measurements with a network of easy-to-install probes.
  • Advance grid reliability, security, resilience, and the ability to operate securely with high contributions from inverter-based generation.
  • Prevent blackouts caused by forced oscillations, control loop instabilities, or other threats.

Project Objectives

  • Construct new GridSweeper instrument.
  • Identify nascent instabilities on bulk grid.
  • Characterize vulnerability of bulk grid to forced oscillations, and point to solutions.
  • Full open-source release:  algorithms, software, hardware, manufacturing jigs, Agency approvals.
Project Status: