Foundational Assistance to ISO/RTOs under Electricity Market Transformation

Project Description

ISOs and RTOs face numerous challenges in maintaining reliability, resiliency, and affordability in an evolving power system. This project will leverage the advanced methods, tools, datasets and resources of the national labs and industry/academic partners to provided robust analytical support to address ISO/RTO-identified challenges.


Value Proposition

  • Problem: ISOs/RTOs must maintain a reliable, resilient, and affordable power system during the ongoing transformation of the electrical power grid
  • Impact: Provide robust technical analysis to support reliable and economically efficient system planning and operation; accelerate understanding of key issues important to ISO/RTOs; improve ISO/RTO decision making
  • Innovation: Apply advanced GMLC research tools and methods to address challenges identified by ISO/RTOs through EPRI’s established Market Design Technical R&D Group
  • Advance GMLC Objectives: Establish new best practices and methodologies for ISO/RTOs to ensure reliable and resilient power system operation and planning

Project Objectives

  • Improve planning and operations of market-based power systems through informed institutional decision-making
  • Implement and transfer state-of-the-art lab tools to provide robust technical analysis
  • Disseminate application-focused research through stakeholder workshops, webinars, and guidebooks
  • Accelerate widespread understanding of key issues important to ISO/RTOs across a broad stakeholder audience
  • Support reliable, resilient, secure, and affordable market-driven power system operations and planning
Project Status: