Future Electric Utility Regulation

This project will support state policymakers and regulators exploring changes to regulatory approaches, utility business models (including product and service offerings), and rate design that balance the interests of customers and utilities with grid modernization goals. 3-year project to provide decision-makers with access to high-quality and impartial analyses, case studies, and decision-support tools to enlist utilities and customers as partners in grid modernization and consider alternative regulatory approaches.

Value Proposition

  • Evolution and deployment of advanced grid technologies  can have significant financial impacts on utilities and customers, and on the roles and responsibilities of electric utilities.
  • Inform and improve the analytical capabilities of state PUCs and energy offices through 10-15 TA activities, publish three reports in the Future Electric Regulation series, and publish three technical analyses.

Project Objectives

  • Develop high-quality and impartial foundational research (including reports and analytical tools).
  • Conduct Technical Assistance on utility regulatory and business model topics using tools and analysis from foundational research activities.
Project Status: