Integrated Distribution System Planning: Education, Training and Assistance

Over 2 years, the project will provide education, training and direct technical assistance (TA) to state public utility commissions, state energy offices, state utility consumer representatives, regional entities, and other decision-makers on best practices in integrated distribution system planning and grid modernization strategies to improve reliability, resilience and electricity affordability throughout the electricity system.

Value Proposition

  • A growing number of states are developing processes to facilitate integrated distribution system planning — with strong links to bulk power system planning and grid modernization strategies. But with limited resources and experience, it’s challenging for states to keep up with technological capabilities, new planning methods, and business and technology requirements.
  • The project will address cutting-edge issues, expand audiences, and disseminate advanced planning practices and new DOE-funded research.
  • State decision-makers will be better prepared for utility investments in grid modernization infrastructure.

Project Objectives

  • Improve understanding and peer sharing by state and regional decision-makers regarding impacts on the bulk power system of utility- and customer-facing grid modernization technologies at the distribution system level — and robust and effective planning practices
  • Conduct training for ~25 states within 18-24 months (additional training and education in remaining months)
  • Provide direct TA to states and Puerto Rico
Project Status: