Byzantine Security: Multi-layered Intrusion Tolerant BFT (M-BFT) Architecture for Bulk Power System Protective Relays

M-BFT combined with ML/AI methods will ensure that the bulk power system including protective relays and associated substation and control center systems are able to perform intrusion tolerant operations. The novel architecture and software will also detect compromised systems.

Value Proposition

  • Transmission Protective Relays 345kV & up are some of the most critical components of the bulk power system. Implementing a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) architecture to them can protect them from internal & external cyber attackers.
  • Our system combines the M-BFT security system with mathematical trust models to not only enforce BFT on protection but also use ML/AI to detect the compromised nodes.
  • Our system aligns with the core objectives of GMLC to protect and secure bulk power system operations while ensuring the continuity of operations. Our solution has direct relation to OE, EERE, FE, CESER, and NE.

Project Objectives

  • Our method will use multi-layered BFT algorithms combined with secure communications architecture and adapt to Transmission protective relays.
  • A mathematical trust factor-based ML/AI system with two-tier decision-voting will be designed to ensure an accurate and weighted fair decision-vote acceptance and detection.
  • Our system will be lab tested and field-tested/deployed on real bulk power system infrastructure.
Project Status: