Clusters of Flexible PV-Wind-Storage Hybrid Generation (FlexPower)

A pioneering approach to demonstrate how technology hybridization can leverage the value of utility-scale wind and PV generation from being simple variable-energy resources to ones that provide dispatchability (similar to conventional power plants) and a full range of reliability services (similar to or better than conventional plants) to the bulk power system.

Value Proposition

  • New opportunities for the global renewable energy industry with disruptive market potential
  • Will give answers on how to transform variable-generation plants into fully dispatchable and flexible sources of energy
  • Pioneering demonstration approach
  • Will advance many GMLC objectives:
  • Maximize the values of existing and future generation assets
  • Accelerate the emerging concept of multi-technology systems
  • Provide high-value services to the grid
  • Support resiliency and security of power supply 

Project Objectives

  • Develop a validated FlexPower control theory
  • Develop FlexPower controller that can be used for large-scale deployment of utility-scale hybrid generation
  • Conduct actual validation and demonstration testing of scalable multi-MW PV-wind-BESS hybrid plant at NREL’s Flatirons Campus using high-value assets in partner labs
Project Status: