Vulnerability of Power Generation Critical Systems Against Electromagnetic Threats

An experimental evaluation of physical security in the electric generation infrastructure against electromagnetic threats/attacks, both large-scale and localized.

Value Proposition

  • Responding to the increased U.S. government interest in energy infrastructure protection against EM threats
  • A much-needed, experimentally-backed study that builds on past EMP theory/modeling analyses, to provide engineering guidelines for EM physical security of the nation’s generation infrastructure
  • Innovative approach for mapping EM threat field levels in target systems via non-perturbing/non-destructive probing at scaled-down field levels
  • Advancing GMLC objectives by securing Generation, the heart of the bulk power system, against a full spectrum of EM threats

Project Objectives

  • Characterization of potential damaging/disruptive effects from EM threats to different types of generation plants
  • Wide impact: not a fuel-specific study
  • Definition of protective countermeasures to ensure system functionality and/or minimal, recoverable damages
  • Provide scientific support to regulatory actions, industry R&D, and deterrence against EM attacks
Project Status: