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Cybersecurity for Renewables, Distributed Energy Resources, and Smart Inverters

The objective of this project is to develop a holistic attack-resilient architecture and layered cyber-physical solution portfolio to protect the critical power grid infrastructure and integrated distributed energy resources (DER) from malicious cyber attacks. Planned components include:

  • a DER cyber security framework composed of a set of layered cyber-physical solutions specifically designed for DER integration,
  • cyber-physical models that incorporate cyber threats, control, communication, and physical properties of the power grid and dispersed DER,
  • a systematic DER resilience analysis methodology and quantifiable resilience metrics,
  • DER attack prevention, detection, and response measures across the cyber, physical device, and utility layers of the power system, and
  • extensive validation and verification (V&V) of the developed methods through realistic testbed evaluation and industry feedback.

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Project Quick Facts

Topic ID: GM0100
Funding : $2 Million
Duration: 3 Years

Technical Project Team

  • Lead

    Junjian Qi, ANL

Project Partners

Washington State University
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

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