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Rapid QSTS Simulations for High-Resolution Comprehensive Assessment of Distributed PV Impacts

We will accelerate QSTS simulation capabilities through use of new and innovative methods for advanced time-series analysis, such as event-based simulation, linear power flow approximation, parallel processing of power flow solutions separable by time, and voltage drop time-series approximation. Each of these methods will contribute to speeding up the QSTS computation. This concept will seamlessly integrate equivalent reduced-order feeder models to precisely simulate grid impacts while dramatically reducing the computational time required to solve the power flow time-series – making QSTS analysis the industry preferred PV impact assessment method.

Project Quick Facts

Topic ID: SI-1545
Technical Area: Planning
Funding : $4 Million
Duration: 3 Years

Technical Project Team

  • Barry Mather,

Project Partners

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Pittsburgh

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