Additively Manufactured PV Inverter

​In this three-year integrated project, activities in budget period 1 will be focused on development and component-level validation of the foundational building blocks needed for the additively manufactured photovoltaic inverter (AMPVI). Primary scopes and value propositions for budget period 1 tasks are: (1) designing a 1700 V SiC-based 50 kW power block printed substrate for enhanced heat transfer and increased power density leads to alpha-prototype power block and developing a gate driver for SiC power block is required to interface control signals to the SiC switches; (2) design code synthesis for power magnetics leads to optimized magnetics design for the new inverter; (3) development of controller board, control algorithms and validation of control algorithms are needed for PV inverter operation; and (4) baseline thermal and enclosure design of the inverter leads to the development of alpha-prototype inverter in next budget period. The building blocks developed in budget period 1, namely the alpha-prototype power block and controller will be integrated into the first functional 50 kW inverter (i.e. alpha-prototype inverter) in budget period 2.