Enabling High Penetration of Distributed Photovoltaics through the Optimization of Sub-Transmission Voltage Regulation

PNNL will partner with North Carolina State University (NCSU), GE Global Research, One-Cycle Control Inc. (OCC) and Duke Energy to develop a Coordinated Real-time Sub-Transmission Volt-Var Control Tool (CReST-VCT) to optimize the use of reactive power control devices to stabilize voltage fluctuations caused by intermittent PV outputs. In order to capture the full value of the Volt-Var optimization, we propose to couple this tool to an Optimal Future Sub-Transmission Volt-Var Planning Tool (OFuST-VPT) for short and long term planning. Together, the real-time control and planning tools will remove a major roadblock in the increased use of utility scale and residential PV.