WindView An Open Platform for Wind Energy Forecast Visualization

According to a comprehensive survey prepared by U.S. Department of Energy, 94% of the surveyed operators agreed that efficient situational awareness and decision support systems in control centers are critical components for managing higher wind integration. The overall goal of this project is to create an open situational awareness and decision support platform 'WindView', that provides grid operators with knowledge on the state and performance of their power system, with an emphasis on wind energy. The focus will be on utilizing advanced visualization to display pertinent information, extracted through computational techniques, from wind power forecasts for high-wind penetration systems. By the end of this three-year project, the team will deliver the open source WindView platform, including training support material, that:

Delivers more effective ways of visually representing wind energy forecast, including uncertainties, at multiple time horizons so that operators can make operational decisions with a high-degree of confidence about their available wind resource and predicted dynamics on the horizon.

  • Delivers a single visualization platform for displaying and representing the different wind energy forecast 
information obtained through disparate tools. (e.g. deterministic, probabilistic, ramping forecast, and others) 
Is easily extensible to include industry and research-grade wind forecasting tools.
  • Provides dynamic and interactive displays that aid operators in quickly assessing a rapidly changing system state 
due to wind power, and helps them formulate corrective actions.
Closely collaborates with Western Area Power Authority's (WAPA's) Energy Training Power Center (ETPC) to 
develop a production-level version of WindView for its network. 

  • Actively engages the industry in the platform development through conducting feedback and training sessions with 
control system operators.