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The Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium projects represent a comprehensive portfolio of critical research and development in advanced storage systems, clean energy integration, standards and test procedures, and a number of other key grid modernization areas. This effort recognizes regional differences and will strengthen regional approaches while defining a diverse and balanced national strategy through the following foundational efforts:

  • Core Activities—These projects (1.1-1.2.5) provide the fundamental knowledge, metrics, and tools needed to support all the Cross-Cut R&D and regional partnerships.
  • Pioneer Regional Partnerships—These partnerships (1.3.01-1.3.99) involve technical assistance to states, utilities, or other stakeholders that are facing key emerging grid modernization challenges.
  • Crosscutting R&D—These integrated projects (1.4.01-1.4.29) will further advance grid modernization by coupling multiple hardware, software, and institutional solutions into integrated and modernized grids at a scale and a pace necessary to meet national goals.

In addition to these 29 foundational projects, the portfolio includes 59 projects specific to key areas of impact and interest. These include: grid modeling (GM), solar (Sl), and wind (Wgrid).

A complete listing of GMLC projects appears below.

Topic IDsort ascending Project Title Project Lead Technical Area Fact Sheets
WGRID-59 WindView An Open Platform for Wind Energy Forecast Visualization Shrirang Abhyankar Sensing and Measurements
WGRID-49 Understanding the Role of Short-term Energy Storage and Large Motor Loads for Active Power Controls by Wind Power Vahan Gevorgian Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
WGRID-38 North American Renewable Integration Study (NARIS) Gregory Brinkman Design and Planning Tools
WGRID-35 Market and Reliability Opportunities for Wind on the Bulk Power System Aaron Bloom Institutional Support
WGRID-05 Power System Reliable Integration Support to Achieve Large Amounts of Wind Power (PRISALA) Dave Corbus Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
WGRID-04 Providing Ramping Service with Wind to Enhance Power System Operational Flexibility Bri‐Mathias Hodge System Operations, Power Flow, and Control
SI-1758 Frequency Response Assessment and Improvement of Three Major North American Interconnections due to High Penetrations of Photovoltaic Generation Yilu Liu Sensing and Measurements
SI-1756 Visualization and Analytics of Distribution Systems with Deep Penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (VADER) Sila Kiliccote Design and Planning Tools
SI-1748 A ToolSuite for Increasing Performance and Reliability of Combined Transmission-Distribution under High Solar Penetration Shrirang Abhyankar
SI-1728 Solar Resource Calibration Measurement and Dissemination Manajit Sengupta Sensing and Measurements
SI-1714 Enabling High Penetration of Distributed Photovoltaics through the Optimization of Sub-Transmission Voltage Regulation Nader Samaan System Operations, Power Flow, and Control
SI-1699 Combined PV Battery Grid Integration with High Frequency Magnetics Enabled Power Electronics Paul Ohodnicki Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
SI-1695 Accelerating Systems Integration Codes and Standards Dave Narang Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
SI-1689 Additively Manufactured PV Inverter Sudipta Chakraborty Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
SI-1673 Dynamic Building Load Control to Facilitate High Penetration of Solar PV Generation Teja Kuruganti System Operations, Power Flow, and Control
SI-1639 System Advisor Model Aron Dobos Design and Planning Tools
SI-1631 Assessing the Value of Concentrating Solar Power in a Sunshot Future Paul Denholm Design and Planning Tools
SI-1625 CyDER_A Cyber Physical Co-simulation Platform for Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Grids Emma Stewart Design and Planning Tools
SI-1586 Opportunistic Hybrid Communications Systems for Distributed PV Coordination Bri‐Mathias Hodge Sensing and Measurements
SI-1583 Stabilizing the Power System in 2035 and Beyond Evolving from Grid Following to Grid Forming Distributed Inverter Controllers Brian Johnson Devices and Integrated Systems Testing