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The Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium projects represent a comprehensive portfolio of critical research and development in advanced storage systems, clean energy integration, standards and test procedures, and a number of other key grid modernization areas. This effort recognizes regional differences and will strengthen regional approaches while defining a diverse and balanced national strategy through the following foundational efforts:

  • Core Activities—These projects (1.1-1.2.5) provide the fundamental knowledge, metrics, and tools needed to support all the Cross-Cut R&D and regional partnerships.
  • Pioneer Regional Partnerships—These partnerships (1.3.01-1.3.99) involve technical assistance to states, utilities, or other stakeholders that are facing key emerging grid modernization challenges.
  • Crosscutting R&D—These integrated projects (1.4.01-1.4.29) will further advance grid modernization by coupling multiple hardware, software, and institutional solutions into integrated and modernized grids at a scale and a pace necessary to meet national goals.

In addition to these 29 foundational projects, the portfolio includes 59 projects specific to key areas of impact and interest. These include: grid modeling (GM), solar (Sl), and wind (Wgrid).

A complete listing of GMLC projects appears below.

Topic ID Project Titlesort descending Project Lead Technical Area Fact Sheets
GM0140 VOLTTRON Controller for Integrated Energy Systems to Enable Economic Dispatch Improve Energy Efficiency and Grid Reliability Srinivas Katipamula System Operations, Power Flow, and Control
GM0131 A Closed-Loop Distribution System Restoration Tool for Natural Disaster Recovery Chen Chen Security and Resilience
SI-1748 A ToolSuite for Increasing Performance and Reliability of Combined Transmission-Distribution under High Solar Penetration Shrirang Abhyankar
SI-1695 Accelerating Systems Integration Codes and Standards Dave Narang Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
SI-1689 Additively Manufactured PV Inverter Sudipta Chakraborty Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
GM0237 Advanced Distribution Management System Testbed Development Murali Baggu Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
GM0077 Advanced Machine Learning for Synchrophasor Technology Michael Chertkov Sensing and Measurements
1.4.04 Advanced Sensor Development Yilu Liu Sensing and Measurements
1.3.21 Alaska Microgrid Partnership Ian Baring-Gould Design and Planning Tools
SI-1631 Assessing the Value of Concentrating Solar Power in a Sunshot Future Paul Denholm Design and Planning Tools
1.3.99 Clean Energy and Transactive Campus Srinivas Katipamula System Operations, Power Flow, and Control
1.5.05 CleanStart-DERMS Emma Stewart System Operations, Power Flow, and Control
GM0130 Collaborative Demo for Secondary Use and Use Case Validation Michael Starke Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
SI-1699 Combined PV Battery Grid Integration with High Frequency Magnetics Enabled Power Electronics Paul Ohodnicki Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
GM0187 Community Control of Distributed Resources for Wide Area Reserve Provision Duncan Callaway System Operations, Power Flow, and Control
1.4.18 Computational Science for Grid Management Mihai Anitescu Design and Planning Tools
1.4.10 Control Theory Scott Backhaus System Operations, Power Flow, and Control
GM0100 Cybersecurity for Renewables, Distributed Energy Resources, and Smart Inverters Junjian Qi Security and Resilience
SI-1625 CyDER_A Cyber Physical Co-simulation Platform for Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Grids Emma Stewart Design and Planning Tools
1.4.02 Definitions Standards and Test Procedures for Grid Services Rob Pratt Devices and Integrated Systems Testing