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The Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium projects represent a comprehensive portfolio of critical research and development in advanced storage systems, clean energy integration, standards and test procedures, and a number of other key grid modernization areas. This effort recognizes regional differences and will strengthen regional approaches while defining a diverse and balanced national strategy through the following foundational efforts:

  • Core Activities—These projects (1.1-1.2.5) provide the fundamental knowledge, metrics, and tools needed to support all the Cross-Cut R&D and regional partnerships.
  • Pioneer Regional Partnerships—These partnerships (1.3.01-1.3.99) involve technical assistance to states, utilities, or other stakeholders that are facing key emerging grid modernization challenges.
  • Crosscutting R&D—These integrated projects (1.4.01-1.4.29) will further advance grid modernization by coupling multiple hardware, software, and institutional solutions into integrated and modernized grids at a scale and a pace necessary to meet national goals.

In addition to these 29 foundational projects, the portfolio includes 59 projects specific to key areas of impact and interest. These include: grid modeling (GM), solar (Sl), and wind (Wgrid).

A complete listing of GMLC projects appears below.

Topic ID Project Titlesort descending Project Lead Technical Area Fact Sheets
1.2.5 Grid Sensing and Measurement Strategy Sensing and Measurements
1.2.4 Grid Services and Technologies Valuation Framework Patrick O'Connor Institutional Support
GM0222 High Voltage Testing and Modeling of Transformer, Line Interface Devices, and System Components Under Electromagnetic Pulse, Geomagnetic Disturbance, and Other Abnormal Transients Alfonso Tarditi Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
GM0073 HVDC and Load Modulation for Improved Dynamic Response using Phasor Measurements Jianming Lian Sensing and Measurements
GM0119 Improved Forecasts of Electric Outages from Tropical Cyclones Steve Folga Security and Resilience
GM0060 Improving Distribution Transformer Efficiency and Lifetime through Product Selection and Dynamic Load Control Jianming Lian,PI Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
1.5.03 Increasing Distribution Resiliency using Flexible DER and Microgrid Assets Enabled by OpenFMB (Decentralized FLISR) Kevin Schneider Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
1.3.04 Industrial Microgrid Analysis and Design for Energy Security and Resiliency Ben Ollis Security and Resilience
1.4.09 Integrated Multi Scale Data Analytics and Machine Learning for the Grid Emma Stewart Sensing and Measurements
GM0229 Integrated Systems Modeling of the Interactions between Stationary Hydrogen Vehicle and Grid Resources Samveg Saxena Design and Planning Tools
1.5.04 Integration of Responsive Residential Loads into Distribution Management Systems Teja Kuruganti Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
1.2.2 Interoperability Steve Widergren Devices and Integrated Systems Testing
1.5.07 Laboratory Value Analysis Team Michael Kintner-Meyer Institutional Support
GM0057 LPNORM: Optimal Resiliency Model Russell Bent Design and Planning Tools
WGRID-35 Market and Reliability Opportunities for Wind on the Bulk Power System Aaron Bloom Institutional Support
GM0094 Measurement-Based Hierarchical Framework for Time-Varying Stochastic Load Modeling Jianhui Wang Design and Planning Tools
1.3.33 Midwest Interconnection Seams Study Aaron Bloom Design and Planning Tools
GM0086 Modeling and Control Software Tools to Support V2G Integration Samveg Saxena System Operations, Power Flow, and Control
GM0074 Models and Methods for Assessing the Value of HVDC and MVDC Technologies in Modern Power Grids Yuri Makarov Design and Planning Tools
1.4.11 Multi-Scale Integration of Control Systems (EMS/DMS/BMS) Liang Min System Operations, Power Flow, and Control