GMLC Grid Services Master List

A number of the GMLC projects are concerned with grid operations, grid control, and use of new technologies. In particular, the use of Distributed Energy Resources and grid connected devices of various kinds that are not part of the usual utilty asset base are being considered for supplying existing or possible new grid services. The basic starting definition of grid services comes from FERC. FERC defines the ancillary services as: "those services necessary to support the transmission of electric power from seller to purchaser given the obligations of control areas and transmitting utilities within those control areas to maintain reliable operations of the interconnected transmission system." We extend this to include support for reliable distribution system operations as well.

In order to provide a degree of coordination on this topic across the GMLC, this document is a compilation of functions (cast as services) that could support grid operation. Some are presently recognized as grid services in the sense that the are defined by NERC as essential reliability services (formerly known as ancillary services) and /or are presently procured by system operators or utilities in various ways. Others are services that are being proposed or developed but may not yet be in wide use. In a few cases, functions are listed that may be difficult to unbundle as services but are present for completeness and are so noted.