Industrial Microgrid Analysis and Design for Energy Security and Resiliency

Industrial utility customers have a unique opportunity to support a modern energy economy and a stronger, more reliable grid. They typically need reliable, secure power in high quantities, and many facilities have their own backup generators and redundant electrical feeds to bolster their reliability. However, many of the generators are only used for routine testing and for their intended purpose only a few hours a year. If these backup assets could be used as a microgrid for both blue-sky and contingency cases, then the microgrid could provide both reliability to the
customer and services to the grid. Some utilities are not familiar with some of the emerging grid technologies and how they can be incorporated into their operations to increase grid resilience for their customers. The perceived risk associated with new technology adoption can present a significant barrier to modernizing the grid.
Addressing utility hesitation head-on by involving utilities in the entire development of grid modernization technologies and providing hard evidence of benefit to both customers and utilities could be the key to unlocking utility modernization efforts across the country.