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GridWise Forum Distributed Grid Services Workshop

Download the agenda.

The GridWise Alliance, along with General Electric (GE) and Intel, is hosting a free industry workshop to develop a methodology for characterizing smart devices ability to provide valuable grid services). This workshop will be held in Atlanta, GA on March 21 and March 22 at the GE Grid Solutions Grid IQ Center and will facilitate collaboration between equipment manufacturers, grid services providers and utilities that is necessary to define, build and encourage widespread intelligent device adoption that will make our power grid more sustainable, efficient and resilient.

Who Should Attend?

  • DER device manufacturers
  • Electric utility service providers
  • Grid Independent system operators (ISOs) and regional transmission system operators (RTOs)
  • Regional energy efficiency organizations (NEEA, NEEP, etc.)
  • Other industry organizations (AHRI, AHAM, ACEEE, CEE, NEMA, etc.)

Attendees should review the Recommended Practice for Characterizing Devices’ Ability to Provide Grid Services, which is open for comment, as feedback will be discussed at the workshop.

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The GridWise Forum

Quick Facts

Date: March 21
Location: Grid IQ Center in Atlanta, GA
Type of Event: Workshop

  GE Grid Solutions