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This page serves as a repository for products and deliverables created through the GMLC projects. It also contains guidance documents, as well as key accomplishments by the national laboratories toward grid modernization. lf you would like to add to this repository, please send a message to

For DOE grid modernization information, please visit DOE's Grid Modernization Initiative website

Title Summary Publication Date Type File/Link
Summary of Electric Distribution System Analyses with a Focus on DERs

This report summarizes the major types of analysis conducted on electric distribution systems along with their applications and relative maturity...

April 2017 Report PDF icon 1.4.25_Summary_of _electric_distribution_system_analyses_April 10 FINAL.pdf
Recommended Practice for Characterizing Devices’ Ability to Provide Grid Services

This document describes a Recommended Practice for characterizing the ability of various types of devices to provide a broad range of existing and...

March 2017 Report PDF icon Recommended Practice Grid Services from Devices Ch 1-2.pdf
Agenda: GridWise Forum Distributed Grid Services Workshop March 2017 Agenda PDF icon Distributed Grid Services Workshop Agenda
GMLC 2016 Project Portfolio

In a strategic partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy headquarters and 13 national laboratories, the Grid Modernization Laboratory...

November 2016 Brochure PDF icon GMLC_Portfolio_Brochure-NEW1.pdf
Comparative Architecture Analysis: Using Laminar Structure to Unify Multiple Grid Architectures

A great many architectures for various aspects of electric grids have been proposed over recent years and new ones continue to be suggested....

November 2016 Report
Declaration of Interoperability October 2016 White Paper PDF icon Declaration of Interoperability
Dynamic Contingency Analysis for Cascading Failures

With funding from DOE’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability and in partnership with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (...

August 2016 Pre-GMLC Highlight PDF icon GMLC DCAT-fnl.pdf
NREL + Duke Energy Test Voltage Control for Distributed Solar

Duke Energy partnered with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and DMS vendor GE Grid Solutions (formerly Alstom Grid) to better...

August 2016 Pre-GMLC Highlight PDF icon GMLC DukeGE-fnl.pdf
Outsmarting Storms in Chattanooga

Through a DOE Smart Grid Investment Grant, EPB secured funding to accelerate the modernization of their power infrastructure, including:

August 2016 Pre-GMLC Highlight PDF icon GMLC EPB-Chattanooga-fnl.pdf
Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) convened the Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study—or ERGIS—a high-performance computing...

August 2016 Pre-GMLC Highlight PDF icon GMLC ERGIS-fnl.pdf
Mode Meter: Keeping Oscillations in Check

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory joined with colleagues at Montana Tech and the University of Wyoming to develop Mode Meter....

August 2016 Pre-GMLC Highlight PDF icon GMLC Mode Meter-fnl.pdf
Reforming New York’s Energy Vision

Recognizing trends in technological innovation and system security, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo established the Reforming the Energy Vision...

August 2016 Pre-GMLC Highlight PDF icon GMLC NewYorkREV-fnl.pdf
New Jersey TransitGrid Protects Critical Assets

Following Superstorm Sandy, rebuild efforts led by rail operators, including the NJ Transit Corporation, focused on protecting transportation...

August 2016 Pre-GMLC Highlight PDF icon GMLC NJ TransitGrid-fnl.pdf
Power Model Integrator Reduces Forecasting Errors

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory developed a software tool that greatly improves the accuracy of net interchange predictions....

August 2016 Pre-GMLC Highlight PDF icon GMLC PowerModelIntegrator-fnl.pdf
Real-Time Path Rating Relieves Grid Congestion

With funding from ARPA-E, PNNL and partners at Bonneville Power Administration, PowerWorld, and Quanta Technology used high performance computing...

August 2016 Pre-GMLC Highlight PDF icon GMLC RealtimePathRating-fnl.pdf
New Inverter Testing Supports Solar in Hawaii

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) partnered with SolarCity and the DOE Solar Energy Technology Office to quantify the impacts of both...

August 2016 Pre-GMLC Highlight PDF icon GMLC SolarCity-fnl.pdf
Join DOE's Project to Advance Interoperability

Under its Grid Modernization Initiative, the U.S. Department of Energy, in collaboration with energy industry stakeholders has developed a multi-...

August 2016 Brochure
Sensing and Measurement Architecture for Grid Modernization

This paper addresses architecture for grid sensor networks, with primary emphasis on distribution grids. It describes a forward-looking view of...

February 2016 Report
PNNL Grid Architecture January 2016 Publication
Grid Architecture 2

The report describes work done on Grid Architecture under the auspices of the Department of Energy Office of Electricity Delivery and Reliability...

January 2016 Report