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i-PCGRID Workshop 2017

Front line Leaders, best and brightest technology providers, and Global community of industry experts gather at the fifteenth annual premier industry event. Featuring keynotes from industry luminaries, insightful forums, and demos, the i-PCGRID 2017 will provide a forum to discuss best practices as we develop solutions and transformation journey in challenges we face. Blend your internal practices with knowledge from domestic and international power companies that have already experienced infrastructure investments. Join Experienced Industry Navigators (utilities, vendors, consultants, regulators, and academics) united in a shared vision to discuss practical solutions to craft a steady course towards higher levels of reliability, security, and energy efficiency. Participate in discussions surrounding Sustainability, Security, and Skill set savvy in support of the modern grid.

Modern society has reached a point where virtually every crucial economic and social function depends on the secure, reliable operation of the power and energy infrastructures. The energy industry worldwide is experiencing significant changes caused by rapid technology transformation, security, environmental concerns and climate changes, evolving consumer needs and associated interrelations. The initiatives we undertake today affect the way in which the grid is operated and maintained in the future.

The 2017 Workshop will explore business models and supply chain realities in the scope of utility technology transformation, the lessons learned from deployment of advanced technologies, strategies and operational aspects of managing grid system and equipment assets to build a more resilient and efficient grid to build our systems organically and digitally.


Topics Covered

Technical and Regulatory Challenges

  • Transmission infrastructure to support large scale integration of new energy sources
  • Energy trends and resource management
  • Low inertia and frequency regulation
  • Voltage and transient stability
  • System restoration (black-start)
  • Reliability Improvements
  • Protection solutions for low fault current levels
  • Resiliency, Timing Challenges and Security

Automation and Protection Initiatives

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Role of HPC in Power System Management
  • Adaptive Protection and Control
  • Automation’s Role in the Modern Grid

Asset Management Strategies and Operations

  • Digital Threat, Cyber Security Programs, Standards, and Testing
  • Reliability Targets and Improvements
  • Weather Events, Geo-Magnetic Disturbances, etc.
  • Aging Infrastructure and Workforce
  • Energy mix and Distributed Resources

Technical Standards & Regulatory Compliance

  • Need for adaptable standards driven policies
  • IEEE and IEC Standards
  • Interoperability Initiatives for Distributed Energy Resource Management
  • Power brokerage in line with new energy markets
  • FERC 1000 Right-of-First Refusal elimination
  • NERC PRCs and Conformance standards

Action Plan, Project Review, and R&D Roadmap

  • Review industry activities and needs
  • Discussion of short-term action plan and priorities
  • Business case studies

Sustainable and Distributed Resources, Green Power

  • Microgrids and Renewable energy integration
  • Storage technology
  • Impact of electric vehicles
  • Demand Response
  • Optimization of Distributed Resources for reliability and economics
  • Distributed controls
i-PCGRID Workshop 2017

Quick Facts

Date: March 29
Location: San Francisco, CA (PG&E Headquarters)
Type of Event: Workshop

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)